“If you fail to spot the sucker then it means that you are the sucker”

That is a quote by the notorious poker player namely Matt Damon that is more of a practical tip for winning at poker online. However, the question remains the same that how to spot the one that sucks our D as well as the game?

Well, let us be respectful towards them and put it straight on how to identify a noob in situs poker online.

Characteristic of a beginner poker player

Well, there are two categories of idiots known as competent beginners and amateur beginners. Let us have a look at the characteristics of the first one for now.

This mad lad is with no trouble identifiable. All you need to do is get a copy of the beginner poker online tips and read it. Then see if the player in front of you is following them or not. If he does so then you know who he is.

Don’t go in-depth for the search and look for the basic things only such as the bet sizing being consistent, staying quiet, or taking the game extremely serious.

Therefore, these are the ingredients that make up a competent beginner. Their consistency may reflect them as a professional player but in reality, this will just help them to lose their money and add up an advantage for you. Hence, look out for them and eat up their money like a predator.

More characteristics

Let us now move to the other category of newbie that is amateur beginner. They are also easy to identify since they will keep asking lame questions such as “So doing this will do that”. Moreover, they can also state postulates such as “if I would have played this hand I would have won”. Therefore, there is no big deal in identifying them.

These players are total idiots and haven’t even read a single book on poker. They don’t even put any effort to learn at least the basics.

How to deal with both of them?

These players are easy to beat but sometimes can be a pain in the are as well. Therefore, there are some things that you need to ensure before considering them as losing players and going easy with the game.

The amateur players might be total beginners but sometimes they come up with the best hands. Therefore, make sure that the player is not hiding any special move (often it is the only best move they have) otherwise you can lose the game in a snap of fingers.

Also, make sure that you don’t lose the grip of the game upon livebet88 knowing that the person in front of you is a total beginner. Hence, consider him as a usual opponent and don’t go easy on him, we repeat NEVER!

And that’s all!


Now you know who is a beginner and who is not so use it as your advantage on the table either live or in poker online. That’s all we have for today.